The Challenge


“All people want to be loved, listened to, respected, celebrated, feel safe, have enough food, shelter and be happy.

It is a commonality all humans have.

What gets us into trouble is when we feel something or someone else is keeping us from one of these things. It usually starts with our relatives and neighbors and spills out from there.

That’s how conflict starts, battles begin and wars start.”


If we don’t know the problem, it’s difficult to find solutions and we remain stuck in limbo or just wander and muddle through. So what is the biggest challenge to making the change necessary to accomplish what we want in life?


“Looking in the mirror is the first step to freedom.”


Q: Who or what is keeping me from the good life I want to live? 


Q: Are other people or circumstances the reason I cannot move forward in life?


“We forge the chains we wear in life”

Charles dickens


My hope is to see all the shackles removed that are keeping you from the good life you want to live. If you need help to clarify this stage of the journey you are about to take.


 “The Future is not ahead of you, It is inside of you”


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