The Lifechangers Institute was created:

1. To help you remove the shackles which keep you from achieving your goals and dreams. To give you new direction, clarity, and solutions that work.

2. To encourage you to begin your own start up micro business and build a support community for micro business owners.

3. To help build a community of optimistic, innovative and creative people who facilitate new educational, economic and social system models to replace the old status quo models.

4. To expand the Neighborhood Initiative Project which enhances the social, economic and safety value of a neighborhood, community and city. This is a working model which has been tested and has produced safe, fun living environments for families, enhanced property valuations and  business attraction.


   Impossible is a word people use when we don’t see a solution. One of the principles of the Institute is that the impossible can be made possible. The answers are all around us. Once we remove the clutter and see the obvious, not blinded by fear, preconceived beliefs or ideals, the practical solutions begin to appear.

   Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? With the right solutions and the people to help you get there, you can change the trajectory of your life. No wishful thinking, no hype. The practical steps and solutions we recommend will create positive change in your life and those around you.